Colostrum Helps with the Relief of Leaky Gut Syndrome

The milky fluid that the cow produces in the first 2 to 3 days after the calf is born has many health benefits. This substance is often referred to as “first milk”. This production is known as colostrum and is created before the milk is produced. Colostrum has antibodies, immunoglobulins, and a long list of vitamin enriched nutrients that supplies the baby with necessary support to strengthen the immune system, energy, and tissue and organ development. Other benefits are relief of allergies and alleviate allergies. The components in colostrum are found nowhere else in nature.

One of the significant benefits of colostrum is the protection it offers the intestinal tract. This is especially helpful with health issues like leaky gut syndrome. This syndrome, an issue that harms the bowels and stomach lining, is especially prominent in athletes. Symptoms like diarrhea, flatulence, nausea, cramping, frequent urgency, and vomiting can develop as a result of bacteria creating an infection. While the syndrome is debilitating, it is easily alleviated, as long as extreme damage has not been experienced.

Colostrum has been known to comfort and repair the damage in the intestinal mucosal lining that was suffered as a result from leaky gut syndrome. Organic colostrum is powerful at removing ailing pathogens, as well as, provides a barrier so that the pathogens do not attach themselves to the intestinal walls and cause havoc to the digestive system. As the colostrum is doing this, it is also repairing the cells on the intestinal walls and promoting regeneration of cells. Colostrum is powerful at repairing damage, promoting cell reproduction, and protecting the intestines by eliminating harmful bacteria. These are all critical factors in halting further discomfort and damage from leaky gut syndrome.

A study was conducted to further demonstrate the benefits of a colostrum supplement. Ray Playford, a Professor of Medicine at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, worked with some of his colleagues to conduct the study. Playford and his associates worked with a group of athletes on the study. The athletes were asked to run for 20 minutes at an about 80 percent of their aerobic capabilities. As soon as the athletes were done running, they were asked to provide urine sample for the professor to examine. The findings were a 250 percent increase in the leaking gut syndrome and an increase in bodily temperature.

The second experiment was done. The athletes were asked to run with the same parameters previously established. The difference in the second experiment is that the athletes were taking a colostrum supplement every single day for a period of two weeks before the experiment was completed. After examining the urine samples at the end of this experiment, researchers found that there was an 80 percent decrease in the leaky gut syndrome. This is in comparison to the initial findings found in the first experiment. The study shows the benefits of colostrum to digestive health.

Colostrum will improve an athletes health and performance abilities. When an athlete is suffering from leaky gut syndrome, they are unable to perform at their optimal performance levels. An organic colostrum is a natural approach to obtaining many benefits.