Don’t Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast may seem like a tempting habit to get into, but missing the most important meal of the day can set you up for diet failure. Many people believe that skipping a quick breakfast will help them cut out unnecessary calories and save precious time in the morning.

“Breakfast skippers”, as I like to call them, often feel great achievement by cutting out a few hundred calories first thing in the morning, but in reality, come lunch time they are so hungry they often end up binge eating or snacking on fattening and unhealthy snacks.

Eating breakfast helps give you a boost of energy, and when you miss eating first thing in the morning, your body demands energy and creates cravings to entice you to satisfy this need. As you may well know, maintaining a good metabolism is important to weight loss. When you wake up in the morning, your body is actually in a mild fasting stage. It may have been 12+ hours since your last meal and your metabolism is in the process of conserving energy until you eat again. If your metabolism is running slowly, it is not burning calories quickly and efficiently, which is sabotaging your dieting success.

If you want to meet and exceed your weight loss or fitness goals, eating a well-balanced breakfast is important. Not only does it give you increased energy levels to help you get through the day, it helps with concentration and focus. There are studies that have shown that children who eat breakfast before school do better on tests, have a longer attention span, and feel less tired during the entire school day than the children who skip breakfast. An important rule to remember is the more energy you have (from eating healthy food), the more active you will be during the day. Physical activity is what helps you burn calories and helps you to lose weight, so eating breakfast is essential to meeting weight loss goals.

Need more reasons to remember breakfast in the morning? Choosing healthy and well-balanced food for your first meal will help you stay full and be less apt to mindlessly snack on unhealthy treats during the rest of your day. Foods high in protein like eggs and peanut butter, and fresh fruits, whole grain cereals and toast, and oatmeal will all provide you with important vitamins and nutrients and help you feel fuller longer and provide essential energy to get you through your day.

If you really want to save your diet, take 5 minutes in the morning to eat a quick and healthy breakfast. Whole grain toast with peanut butter and a banana can be made in no time, and even eaten on the go so you don’t lose valuable time in the morning when you are running late for work. Committing to eating a nutritious and filling breakfast can make the world of difference with your dieting success. Make sure you think twice the next time you get the urge to skip the most important meal of the day and read up on ways to eat well and control snacking to help you reach your weight loss goals.