Scenar Therapy

What is Scenar Therapy?

The application of SCENAR technology is a marvellous new non-invasive holistic approach for healing the body. The SCENAR device is a handheld 9v battery operated unit, and by applying the electrodes to the skin; the practitioner uses their skill to apply the electro stimulation to the body. The theory behind it says that this particular waveform is able to stimulate the nervous system, instructing the brain to produce its own natural healing chemicals.

What does Scenar Therapy feel like?

The experience of the stimulation isa prickly but soothing sensation, it is hard to describe, because it is unlike anything you will have felt before, but the practitioner ensures that it is not uncomfortable, by moderating the controls.

Is Scenar safe?

SCENAR is safe to use on anyone without a pacemaker or other electrical implants. Practitioners are not advised to treat epilepsy sufferers or pregnant women

What can Scenar be used to treat?

The technology has been used for a whole range of health problems, but it is in the area of acute pain where it has been noticed to be most effective, reduction in pain is often felt within minutes. It is in widespread use throughout the medical world in Russia, where it was invented, sadly medical politics has hindered its widespread acceptance, but this is now being overcome. There is much information about SCENAR on the Internet, and there are many different makes and models available. The technology is also available for the non professional in the form of a smaller simpler home unit, it is however, best to ask a professional before purchase, as there are also makes of devices which although may be cheaper are not as effective.

I came across SCENAR in 2002, and after feeling the improvements to my sciatic nerve problem I purchased one. After a misadventure in a nightclub I acquired tinnitus in 2007, later that year I discovered a way to apply the Scenar Therapy technology to remove my tinnitus. As a result of this I decided to learn to use the device professionally, and Ihave never looked back.